Live @ GPvdB Leiden

Last Saturday was finally a performance day again. The first time with a bass player on stage in quite a while. Thank you Winston for joining us and thanks to the GPvdB for having us. These amazing pictures were taken by Jack Parker, photographer and writer at All Things Loud. The performance was extra special as it allowed us to use our home built motorized music box for the first time in a live performance. We hope 2018 will bring some more performances because it sure felt good to be back on the stage again!

Recording Time!

It is time for us now to do some more recording. We have set out to make 4(!) new albums over the coming year. One for each band member. Over the last week we have recorded day and night to get 36 tracks worked out. Expect a lot of Silence music to be coming your way soon. Maybe we can combine it with some form of release party?

Live @ GPvdB (2) Semi-Finals

Unfortunately no prizes for us this year but we definitely want to compete again next year. The GPvdB was a great event to participate in. Thanks to the judges for the valuable feedback and to the other acts for the enjoyable evening full of music. We will be back…

Live @ De Bruine Pij Breda

Here a picture of our latest show in cafe de Bruine Pij in Breda. The weather was horrible and amidst a thunderstorm we played our setlist. The most memorable moment was that lightning struck after the sentence ‘only when the fire’ in our song Only When the Rain. Thanks for having us and maybe till next time!

Live @ Bredas Most Wanted Showcase Het Hijgend Hert Breda

Yesterday we finally got to show our new story concept in a filled Hijgend Hert. Thank you all for coming to this for us important performance. We played the story of the Silence Family with narratives by Maarten van de Pas. We will probably continue playing in this format as we are very excited about this more story-based form of playing music. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

Studio Time!

We are happy to announce we are back into the Studio. At ABroad Studios in Breda we will record a new DEMO to match our new story. We will proudly present these new songs at the upcoming Bredas Most Wanted showcase (16th of April).

Meet the Family

During one of our coaching sessions, one of our coaches asked us “what is the story you want to tell with your music?”. We have given that question a lot of thought and decided to make a story out of our music. In the coming weeks we will be working on a performance concept that is called “The Silence Family”. We decided to take some pictures in family setting to show a preview of this concept.

Wanted! (2)

We were in the local news, or at least, our project got mentioned and so did we. Check out the other bands participating and enjoy this little article. Cheers to At First, Grandview Avenue & Mac Swordfish

Wanted! (1)

Wanted! We were selected for the coaching trajectory Bredas Most Wanted. We are very excited as the coming months we will get a lot of support to improve our music. Expect more news coming your way soon…